Type 1 Diabetes From Couch to Ultra Marathon with Don Muchow & Paul Coker

Most of us have heard about the coach to 5k programmes that help us mere mortals to get fit.  Don Muchow talks to Paul Coker, the founder of 1bloodydrop.com, about his journey from coach to Ultra Marathon.   Don tells us about his preparations to run a staggering 223 miles in just 4 days.  For any athlete this is a amazing challenge but in addition to managing fatigue, muscle aches and pains, dehydration, and fueling strategies, Don also has to manage his type 1 diabetes during his run from Austin Texas to Corpus Christi (223 miles).  The Capital to Coast race is normally a relay event with different runners participating on different stretches of the event but Don decided to run the whole race.

Don explains how he only started running in 2004 when he was unfit and overweight, he had been diagnosed with proliferative retinopathy and after he had laser treatment he trained for his first 5K (3.1 miles).  A run which took  him almost an hour to complete. He goes on to explain how running and food portion control have helped him to loose weight which has transformed his diabetes management and his health, in Don’s words running has given him a health do-over. He shares the story of how he slowly built up the distance that he runs.

It is a small world when you have diabetes and you run ultra marathons and Don tells us that he has taken advice from Ultra Marathon superstar Roddy Riddle a fellow type 1 who has successfully completed the toughest foot races in the world.  Here at 1bloodydrop we wish Don all the best in his next ultra marathon and we look forward to creating another video with him about his strategies for success.